Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Secret Service has signed over the rolling protection of President a Transformer.

If you didn't know, I love Presidential technology. Stuff like Marine One, Air Force One, and the President's secure cell phone fascinates me. This week, the Secret Service debuted the new 2009 edition of the Presidential limo, officially named Cadillac One and affectionately called the beast.My Co-Blogger refers to this new one as "Obamus Prime." (Please refer all persecution to his email.) About a month ago I saw Former President Bush's limo on his visit to Texas A&M and this one makes that look like a Power Wheel. Take a look (from Gizmodo) :
NOTE: The Secret Service, as well as the manufacturers of the equipment of this car have been sworn to secrecy. Not to mention, such specifics as those reported on Gizmodo are classified. So read on with a grain of salt, these are probably highly speculative.

Other highlights:

• It can withstand rocket impacts and it's perfectly sealed against biochemical attacks.
• Fuel tank: Can withstand a direct hit thanks to a special foam and armor-plating.
• Bodywork: made of dual hardness steel, aluminum, titanium, and ceramics to "break up posible projectiles".
• Tires: Kevlar-reinforced with steel rims underneath so it can run away no matter what.
• Accessories include: Night vision cameras, pump-action shotguns, tear gas cannons.
• Comes with bottles of blood compatible with the President's blood.

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