Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And now, the starting lineups for your NBA ALL Star game!! (A bit late, I know.)

Well those are your starters, and some people are surprised that Allen Iverson is starting for the east even though he hasn't played a full season in Detroit. Please remember that this is the results of the fan voting, and I really don't have many problems with the fan's choices. I guess I could see Devin Harris starting for the East instead, but AI isn't that horrible a choice. I certainly am happy to see Chris Paul starting for the West with his near miraculous last minute overtaking of Tracy McGrady in balloting. Some feel that the league intervened with this, but Chris Paul has A LOT of fans all over the world. I'm also ecstatic that the country of China did not put Yi in the All Star game, that would have been a real travesty. I'm really wondering if Tim Duncan has earned this All Star berth, or whether he is still coasting on the fumes of his former greatness. *Full Disclosure: I really dislike the Spurs. Hopefully this year's version of the game will have a little more defense and less sloppy play. Right now, I'm picking the West to win it.

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