Monday, January 19, 2009

My NBA All Star 2009 Ballot Picks:

Here are my NBA All-Star 2009 picks:

Western Forwards:
Carmelo Anthony, Denver
Tim Duncan, San Antonio

Western Guards:
Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers
Chris Paul, New Orleans

Western Center:
Yao Ming, Houston

Eastern Forwards:
Danny Granger, Indiana
LeBron James, Cleveland

Eastern Guards:
Allen Iverson, Detroit
Dwyane Wade, Miami

Eastern Center:
Dwight Howard, Orlando


THE P.O.L.R exPRESS said...

PLEASE explain your reasoning for picking A.I.!!!!!!!!!

slaihing said...

What other point guard out of the East would you send? Bibby? Rondo? None of them have statistically done what A.I is doing. Perhaps Devin Harris, he would be the only one that could take that spot, but he has been injured a little this year...