Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No credible threats to the Super Bowl....what's the deal with this venue?

According to an article from ESPN, The FBI is stating that their are no credible threats to SuperBowl XLIII, although there are plenty of credible concerns about effectively securing the venue. According to the article, A joint FBI and Homeland Security intelligence assessment cautions that Raymond James Stadium, the site of Super Bowl XLIII, does not have the typical security features of permanently secure buildings and arenas.

This sounds BAD. For a number of reasons. I guess the most important reason this sounds bad is that the FBI, press, and Security allowed a story like this to get out to the public, through the worldwide leader in sports, no less. Why don't they make a giant billboard for the terrorist saying, "Hit here!" It's normally not the smartest decision to publicize that you don't feel great about the venue not having "The typical security features of permanently secure building and arenas." I find that statement a bit interesting. Does that mean it lacks a centralized security command area? Scanners and Metal Detectors? The ability to quickly secure and lockdown the building in an emergency? It would seem that if it doesn't have the typical security features, it will need them in a hurry in order to host one of the biggest sporting events in the World. Especially at a time when America unfortunately is  disliked (even hated) throughout portions of the world. Even more terrifying, though, is the article's closing statement: Officials are also concerned that terrorists or criminals could impersonate government or military officials because some Florida law enforcement badges and uniforms were stolen in 2008.

What?! Excuse me?? You are saying publicly that it would be rather easy for a complete stranger or terrorist, if those uniforms got into the wrong hands, to waltz into the stadium and be granted access?? Homeland Security must be absolutely out of their minds. At the very least they need to completely change the uniform scheme for the SuperBowl staff and Security, and red flag the stolen uniforms style so that if someone shows up wearing it, they are placed under increased scrutiny. This is completely unacceptable and mind boggling to me. Have we learned NOTHING since 9/11? They (terrorist) wanted to fly planes into towers, they took flying lessons. They want to infiltrate the SuperBowl, they get actual authentic badges and uniforms. Follow my logic. It's not rocket science. I certainly hope that Homeland Security and the FBI get there act together to protect the NFL's "Crown Jewel" of stadiums, and the thousands of people who will be there to cheer their team.I can't imagine how devastating it would be for a Terrorist attack on an event we as a country hold so dear.

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