Thursday, June 03, 2010

Finally!! Bring on the NBA Finals!!!

It's time. The final 2 teams are set and ready to play until the other side drops. In one corner. the amazingly rejuvenated and Lazarus like Beasts of the East, the Boston Celtics, featuring a consensus top 5 PG in the NBA, and the only man (Pierce) in the past 10 seasons to knock off the top 2 players in the NBA in succession in position to position matchups (Conference and NBA Finals, 2008). Are they completely healthy? No, but still in pretty good shape. Are they older and slower? Yes, but still able to be explosive in spurts. Is this the toughest Series this group will have? Undoubtedly yes. Not only are the playing a revenge dwelling Lakers squad who have only gotten better personnel wise, the Lakers also have home court advantage, something that was key the last time these two teams met. If the Boston Celtics win this series, it will seal the 3 HOFers legacies on it's roster (Rondo may be a 4th HOF when it's all said and done!) and will also seal partially a legacy for Kobe Bryant as the Laker who couldn't beat their most hated rival when it counted. In the other corner, the LA Lakers. Hungry. Angry. Highly motivated to make up for their beat down in 2008. On the Laker side of things, they have no real reason on paper not to win this series. They are in better health (except for Bynum) Kobe is playing some of the best playoff basketball of his career, and Phil has the roster FOCUSED. Add that in with home court advantage and it is no wonder Vegas has LA not only winning the game tonight, but taking the entire series in 6-7 games. For me, the series is just too close to call. I don't honestly know who is going to win! These are my favorite types of Playoff series any way, so that is a treat. I only hope for a long, fought out series where both teams leave it on the floor. 7 games between these two juggernauts would be a dream come true. At this point, nothing left to do but sit back, relax, and see how things play out. Game on.

Finals Schedule
  • Game 1 Thursday, June 3 Boston at LAL 9 p.m. ABC/R/TSN
  • Game 2 Sunday, June 6 Boston at LAL 8 p.m. ABC/R/TSN
  • Game 3 Tuesday, June 8 LAL at Boston 9 p.m. ABC/R/TSN
  • Game 4 Thursday, June 10 LAL at Boston 9 p.m. ABC/R/TSN
  • Game 5 * Sunday, June 13 LAL at Boston 8 p.m. ABC/R/TSN
  • Game 6 * Tuesday, June 15 Boston at LAL 9 p.m. ABC/R/TSN
  • Game 7 * Thursday, June 17 Boston at LAL 9 p.m. ABC/R/TSN

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