Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Email intercepted from Page 3 worker (completely false):

Attention all contributors/editors/writers for Page 3 blog!!
Due to the unforeseen (and much criticized) 2 month gap in updating/posting, and the several complaints from our massive reader base, we will be assembling the ENTIRE team tonight at 7 on a conference call to discuss updates/ strategies for maintenance/ moving the blog into a larger market share of sports/adventist/life blogs on the web at this time. If you are West of the Missisippi, use the Dallas access number (214). If you are East of the Missisippi, use the AL access number (256). Of special note will be the presence of head writers Clifton (yes, he still hasn't found a soulmate) and Steven (yes, he still has the jumper after all the extra pounds added). Be on your P's and Q's people. The blog is BACK!

Samir Goodman,
Associate of development
Page 3 blog

To ANYONE who has taken the time to read this non-updated blog in the past 2 months , I APOLOGIZE. Life just sort of caught up and things got hectic. We will be rolling out more posts very soon, and we haven't forgotten about your support. Thanks for even clicking the link to the blog accidentally.


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