Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chris Paul is Saving the NBA, Crushing Dreams

Random sidebar, but an article I read this morning had me thinking—where are we right now if Chris Paul is an Atlanta Hawk? Tell me which ones are possible:

If Chris Paul was a Hawk…

· Marvin Williams and Al Horford wouldn’t be Hawks—I would still assume, though, that the Hawks would have opportunities to get better players in free agency, and they still would’ve had a pick in last year’s draft. This is probably the only given.

· Josh Childress wouldn’t have gone ANYWHERE, lol. NO WAY he leaves with Chris Paul throwing him oops for the next 10 years! So what does that mean? The overseas crisis of 2008 wouldn’t have started until later.

· David West would be Drew Gooden of the Western Conference. A misunderstood 14-7 guy.

· Dirk would’ve never been disrespected by David West. This isn’t really important, but it’s important to me...

· Tyson Chandler would likely still be a bust.

· Peja would be making about $20m less in his contract for a Sacramento team that wants to dump him

· The Hawks might’ve taken game 7 against the Celtics…KG of the Fantastic Three could still be ringless!

· The Hornets wouldn’t have been there to beat the Mavericks; the Spurs still would’ve, though

· Josh Smith would be an All-Star; Josh Smith would be Tyson Chandler. Goodness gracious

· Joe Johnson would average 28-7-7…EASY.

· Atlanta, with a legit basketball team, would become the official black center of contemporary culture. That and because of Tyler Perry.

· The Hornets would’ve sucked after Katrina, and would’ve been sold to Oklahoma City; therefore, Seattle would still have the Sonics.

In summary, he affects the careers of 3 all-stars; he possibly eliminates last year’s NBA champion (yes, of course I know they’d still have to have been 8th, but just humor me); he affects the locations of TWO franchises (and probably eliminates quite a bit of drama over the past year), and he possibly halts the entire shift of NBA players into the Euro and overseas basketball leagues.

If even half of these are true, Chris Paul is the most important athlete this side of Darko Milicic in reshaping the history of this decade of basketball. Wait, what did I just say?? LOL

Alright…back to work.

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sidekick, i work for T said...

...can we just forget about The Dirk getting disrespected? ....(HEEEAVY SIGH) the older he gets, the more frequent its gonna happen...and thats really tough for me, but im Ride or Die for him...so here goes: THE DIRK FOR PREZ!!!! wooooooooooooWho!!!!!