Tuesday, October 07, 2008

breaking the silence

Clifton Jessup, through his attorneys, issued the following statement this afternoon:

“The blog is in turmoil. Readership is down, and people are losing faith in us. Much-if-not all of this can be attributed to the work of one man: incumbent writer and career character assassin Steven LaiHing.

His deliberate and caustic behavior has caused a rift amongst the Page3 staff and writers. Specifically, his consistent attacks on my skills and basketball awareness in his Top 10 lists have caused tremendous personal and public agony. With no pun intended, his portrayals of me have been both flagrant…and foul.

Can the blog go on? Yes, I would say it is possible. But there are many questions that remain. Steven LaiHing is more than up to the task as a writer. Where the blog may come up short is as a result of his failure as a human being. Yes, I mean it—he’s not human.

With the help of God—and, possibly, professional counselors—I think things can improve, and this blog can improve and grow with time.

It’s already been two years....Why not.”

(Just kiddin'...we'll be back.)

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