Thursday, February 25, 2010

A quick blurb on the NBA playoff race

I know it has been a little while since I checked in but things have been crazy. If you have been watching the NBA post All Star, a lot of teams made moves before the trading deadline to try and put themselves in the best position for the Playoffs. Perhaps no team made bigger moves then the Cavs or Knicks. The Knicks got T-Mac, who immediately brought some excitement to the Big Apple (at least until he got hurt again). The Cavs got former Wizards forward Antawn Jamison, who immediately made a splash, going 0-12 his first game. I still think at this point that the Lakers are in the Pole Position and are the frontrunner to repeat. Kobe sitting out 5 games/15 days might have been one of the best things to happen to the Lakers because it forced them to step up and play together as a team without him bailing them out. Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom both scored and rebounded more, and the bench minutes increased as well. Look for that to be a big point of reference for them in preparation for the playoffs. My finals picks have not changed, it' still Cavaliers vs. Lakers in the NBA finals, and I think this would be one of the highest watched finals ever as the NBA's dream of having 2 marquee players (and a major market team in the Lakers) meeting in the Finals. The only two teams that could derail the Cavs would be a healthy Boston and a focused Magic team. The Magic are downright dangerous when Dwight Howard hits 70% from the line and stays out of foul trouble, along with Vince Carter attacking the basket and hitting post up shots. The pick and roll to iso play set that Van Gundy has installed since the break (and was put on display in the W against the Cavs) is very effective. It also allows Jameer Nelson to pop out for uncontested shots when the defense tries to compensate on the Vince Carter roll. Great strategy. Who are you picking for the Finals?

Eastern Conference
Boston3619.655-16-920-1010-123-1198.793.8+4.9Won 17-3
Toronto3125.5545 ½21-810-177-322-16104.4104.6-0.3Lost 17-3
Philadelphia2235.3861510-1712-185-510-2097.7100.4-2.6Lost 16-4
New York1937.33917 ½12-197-183-613-24101.0104.2-3.2Lost 81-9
New Jersey552.088323-252-271-114-3190.1101.2-11.2Lost 41-9
Cleveland4414.759-25-419-106-124-8101.795.0+6.6Won 17-3
Chicago3027.52613 ½18-912-188-319-1697.097.9-1.0Won 17-3
Milwaukee2828.5001518-910-196-519-1497.997.3+0.6Won 47-3
Detroit2136.36822 ½14-167-202-814-1992.396.6-4.3Lost 15-5
Indiana1938.33324 ½12-157-232-714-2199.3104.1-4.8Lost 23-7
Orlando3919.672-22-617-136-427-11101.395.7+5.6Won 27-3
Atlanta3620.643222-614-144-618-12101.496.9+4.4Won 26-4
Miami2929.5001014-1315-167-418-1596.495.0+1.4Lost 25-5
Charlotte2729.4821120-77-225-417-1895.194.5+0.7Lost 33-7
Washington2035.36417 ½12-178-183-714-2097.9101.5-3.6Lost 15-5
Western Conference
Denver3719.661-24-513-147-422-12107.4102.6+4.8Won 16-4
Utah3720.649 ½23-814-126-722-14101.997.1+4.8Won 18-2
Oklahoma City3323.589416-1117-126-216-1799.096.0+3.0Lost 28-2
Portland3426.567519-1315-135-621-1497.395.0+2.4Won 25-5
Minnesota1445.23724 ½9-205-253-87-2797.7106.1-8.4Lost 13-7
LA Lakers4315.741-26-517-109-225-11102.796.3+6.4Lost 16-4
Phoenix3623.6107 ½21-715-169-322-13109.0106.2+2.9Won 48-2
LA Clippers2433.42118 ½17-127-213-511-2395.599.7-4.3Won 34-6
Sacramento1839.31624 ½13-145-252-910-23101.0105.8-4.7Lost 52-8
Golden State1640.2862612-174-234-89-26107.3110.7-3.4Lost 13-7
Dallas3721.638-19-918-126-520-16100.798.7+2.0Won 57-3
San Antonio3223.5823 ½20-1012-135-418-16100.596.3+4.2Won 15-5
New Orleans3028.517719-911-195-420-1399.8101.3-1.5Lost 24-6
Memphis2928.5097 ½18-1111-172-617-20102.1103.1-1.0Won 13-7
Houston2828.500815-1313-156-521-16100.8101.1-0.3Lost 33-7

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