Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Kobe is way more clutch then LeBron, right? RIGHT?

I was surfing online and found this comment on the blog themundanemale from user Jonathan. Very Interesting

"Contrary to popular belief, Lebron is actually more “clutch” than Kobe. Sounds crazy, I know. But it’s a fact. The proof is below. I think the main reason people, myself included, assume that Kobe is more clutch is because he’s more spectacular (i.e. he makes impossible buzzer beaters). Lebron, on the other hand, is simply a tank that cannot be stopped when the game is on the line.

The first article shows that over the last 5 seasons (and playoffs), during “clutch” situations (i.e. 5 minutes to go and the game within 5 points) Lebron has scored more points while taking significantly less shots than Kobe… Incredible, but true.

The second article charts “game-winning shots” from last Feb. going back 6 six years, and thus includes Lebron’s rookie season (which makes it a tad unfair because can you really expect a rookie to be that clutch?)… Nevertheless, you’ll see that Lebron has made more game winners on LESS SHOTS than Kobe over this period of time. Scroll down more and you’ll see that they’re are both 4 of 8 on game winners in the playoffs. Now, this doesn’t take into account game winners this year which I’m almost positive Kobe has an edge but still, don’t tell me these numbers aren’t surprising.



I also find it surprising that, while most assume Kobe is a better long range shooter than Lebron–I think because Kobe has a purer shot–this year Lebron shoots more three’s and shoots them at a higher percentage than Kobe."

This brings up my point that in these days and time, you are only as good as you are perceived to be. If you were to ask me honestly who was more clutch (before I saw this data), I would quickly say Kobe Bryant, and I wouldn't expect the argument to be close. In fact, even with this new data, I still give the slight edge to Kobe simply because he is a much better free throw shooter then Bron. Kobe is automatic from the line in the clutch, while Dwight Howard outshot LeBron at the FT line in last year's Eastern Conference Finals (sad but true). I would also venture that LeBron gets easier game winning shots then Bryant as well, much like Michael Jordan did. LeBron doesn't just settle for the long jumper in the clutch, he drives to the basket and takes contact for his layups, unlike Kobe.

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