Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stumbled across this, and had to post it just out of principle. Roll Tide and go win National Championship #13 (most ever, haters!)

Alabama Football: Number 13

Were the Alabama Crimson Tide, Pasadena Bound
From the SEC, here to represent the South
Gotta sing it loud, we coming for the ring
Thats all Im about, is number thirteen

Im going back to Cali, teams coming with me
And if you want it Texas, try and come get me
Im too shifty, Im too fly man
Im running with 22, Mr. Heisman
Yeah, but that's not it
Cause if he's not in, then it's Mr. T Rich
Teams too sick, the lines just stacked
Five wide, no backs, better ask G-Mac
Hah, and that's fact, we better than great
Run the play action pass straight to number 8
All day, Alabama's gonna drop that hammer
Domination, play that Rammer Jammer


Going, going to the ship
From Pasadena back to the T-town strip
Defense, welcome to the freak show
Can't beat that, just ask Tim Tebow
You wan't the crown, you gonna have to show me
How anybody gonna try to climb mount Cody?
And oh me, oh my, it's just scary
How teams throw it deep right to Mark Barron
Now that's a pick or an incompletion
So punt it deep, Javier Arenas
One, two step, now we gone boy
Number thirteen, believe it Longhorns!


Going, gone, where we belong
At the number spot sitting on the throne
It's domination, It's dedication
It's Roll Tide in the Crimson Nation
Do it Bear, do it for Prothro
Do it for Demeco, Do dat Rolo!
Do it for Donte, it's no game man
Cause if nothing we gonna do it for Saban
Run that route Maze, do that Ingy!
Bring that trophy to Bryant Denny
Oh, envy, the Crimson colors
Cause there won't ever, be another
Team this strong, or team this sick
Or team this nasty, this teams legit
You'll never see a team this mean
One goal: bring back number thirteen.

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