Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The return of the Answer: Questions I have....

1) Will he actually contribute from a basketball perspective? Given all the shots he wants, can he still put out at 26 or 28 points a game at this point in his career (34 years old)?

2) How much of a bump in attendance will this bring? With the consensus being that the Sixers are making this move as a business move (at least as much) as a Basketball move, how will the fans react? While Iverson has his die hard fanbase, will the casual Philly sports fan flock to the Comcast center to see the return of #3?

3) Is Reebok going to bring back out a special edition Question? (sorry, the sneaker freak in me flared back up.See pic) I'll continue....

4) How will the Sixers juggle the lineup once Williams returns? Will they start both Iverson and Lou? Iverson has been extremely clear he is not a bench player.

5) Do the Sixers make the playoffs? If they are able to make the 8th spot, they would HAVE TO consider Iverson's signing a major reason why.

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