Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh the difference a second makes....

Just one year ago, Texas was moving through a perfect season on a collision course for the National Championship game. They were unbeaten and were playing extremely well. Then, one second happened against Texas Tech in Lubbock:

Flash forward to 2009 and Texas is again playing well, moving through a perfect season on a collision course for the National Championship game
against the winner of Florida-Alabama. Then, on e second happens again against Nebraska:

Lets look at some of the possible outcomes changed by this one play. If 1 second is not placed back on the clock, and Nebraska wins, then

1)Texas does not go to the National Championship game.
Who goes instead?? The polls would be a mess. Would Alabama play Boise State or Cincinatti or one of the so called "BCS Busters?"
Perhaps a FL-AL rematch? (There would be riots in the streets).Either way, I don't think the National
interest would be there for the championship game. And how does this affect Mack Brown's contract?
I doubt he gets that 2 million dollar annual pay raise.

2) Ndamukong Suh would have at worst been second in Heisman voting, at best could have won the whole thing.Being a direct reason the Longhorns and another candidate don't make the NC might have been to much for the voters to bear, even if he does play on defense.

3) Can you honestly say Brian Kelly leaves for Notre Dame if his team is up for a National Championship? I say no way he leaves. And what happens to the Cincinatti program as a result
of making the National Championship? Recruiting explodes, and they don't have to go Juco or redshirt transfers as much anymore. The program takes on national relevance. What about the increased stock for the best players on Cincinnati's team? We are talking better draft positions and possibly millions of dollars in pay difference.

It is amazing what a difference one second can make.

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