Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First screenshot of Madden 10

You are looking at the first screenshot, releasd today on the EA sports blog, of Madden 10. Due this August, the game development is now going full tilt. A few intricacies revealed by this pic that are differences from previous games:
1) Towel in Big Ben's pouch.
2) ON FIELD REFS! Bout time...
3) Chain gang on the side of the field
4) Depth perception from edges of the field to center of play.

According to information leaking, we are supposed to see an improvement called Procedurally generated Animations which means that players will only do certain things when it is appropiate. (CB throws his helmet at the sideline when he gets beat deep for a touchdown.) I liked Madden 2009, and hopefully they continue to improve the game, because Lord knows I will probably get this one too.

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T3FLON said...

That picture looks amazing! It makes me want this game...tonight!