Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Check out a cool podcast...

Theo of Theo's mind and real identity as well as Pulp Dogs (I am a contributor) has an entertaining podcast that has been going for a couple of months. He recently had me on as a guest and our conversation was so long it was broken up into 3 parts. We discuss a bunch of topics from the NBA MVP race, to local news and it's deficiencies,  cartoons,  sneakers, and cell phone carriers. Check it out here.

Also, I was very happy this morning to wake up and find out that James White (the greatest dunker in the world) described on this blog numerous times, has signed a MULTI-YEAR deal with the Houston Rockets. Congrats! And now I can't wait until the dunk contest. Transcript of Texts between me and Clifton this morning:

Me: In other news, James White was signed by the rockets for the remainder of the season..one step closer to the dunk contest.


Me: Now THAT I didn't know!! AAAAAHHHHHH! Lebron James James White Nate Robinson dunk contest next year!!

And so forth.


T3FLON said...

Thank you sir!

korben said...

is this guy married to an "ellen"?

slaihing said...

No Korben, why do you ask?

korben said...

haha, no reason...I'm familiar with a James White and I was just making sure it wasn't the same one. apparently he's not the same one