Monday, March 16, 2009

NBA MVP Race: A 3 horse race in my opinion...

As far as I am concerned, the NBA MVP race at this point in time is between 3 players: Magic 2.0 (Lebron James), Jordan .75 (Wade), and Jordan .88 (Kobe). My scorecard has Bron and Wade as the frontrunners with Kobe a distant third due to his performance this season compared to last year coupled with him winning last year. Wade was behind Lebron in my opinion until about a month ago when he effectively lost his mind and started dropping monster games and carrying the Heat on his back. He might be a better shooter then Lebron James, and certainly is just as capable of taking over a game. So who takes it this year? My vote would probably at this point go to Lebron James because, like Kobe last year, he has his team ready to make a deep playoff run and is a bonnified Championship contender. At the time of this post, the Cavs are 3 games up on Boston in the East and seem to have the pieces (spot up shooters, ballhandlers, competent big men, and a superstar) to make noise and make it to the Finals this year. The league normally gives the MVP to the player it feels will make it out of the first round/make the deepest run in the playoffs. Dirk No-heart-iski is the glaring exemption. Now will the Cavs beat the Lakers? I have my doubts. I think that the Lakers have the pieces and the coaching to knock off the Cavs unless Lebron goes even more superhuman then normal and averages a triple double for the series (something I didn't think I would see in my lifetime.) It would also require that the Lakers absolutely DO NOT show up ready to play, and Kobe reverts to 2004 with his style of play that caught them a loss against the Pistons. I would love to hear who you all are voting for/ supporting for the MVP this year. What's your criteria for MVP? Best player on the best team? or Best player overall in the league?

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