Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How Next Gen Madden got it's groove back (or at least me back)

I don't know how many readers are big fans of Madden but I have been one since '95 on the Sega Genesis, I even had a 4-play (lol) adapter so me and 3 buddies could be the Dallas Cowboys and completely pillage the Redskins. I got a 360 2 years ago and promptly made Madden 06 one of my first purchases. I was so excited that I could get a next gen Madden game with great graphics and gameplay and couldn't wait to play my friends until...."wait a minute...you can see the play I pick?!"
Alas, it seems that the geniuses at EA sports changed the play call system so that you highlighted the play you wanted to run even with your competitor sitting right there on the couch next to you! My little 5 year old cousin would laugh and say "you are about to run the ball!" and then promptly move his line over to that side. This was crazy. This was stupid, and I have boycotted Madden since that time until EA decides to fix the issue, and I have walked angrily past Madden 07 and 08 when they came out. Even though they addressed it with this whole "bluffing" system, it still isn't as good a playcalling system as it was on the ps2 where icons were assigned to each play. Thats why that picture I have up there makes me so happy and excited, its an image grab of the playcalling menu on Madden 2009. They fixed it! And promptly just took 60 bucks from me, lol (already reserved at my local gamestop). Because as iron willed as I was in boycotting them and playing halo, ninja gaiden, Tiger Woods, NBA 2K and other favorites, it just wasn't the same without my old pigskin friend. See you online August 12, my Xbox Live gamertag is Steven42lh.

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