Friday, July 11, 2008

Great youtube comment about Michael Jordan

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Kobe Bryant never has clocked his 40 yard dash because it's probably in the 4.6's. There's nothing wrong with that. I would estimate that LeBron is a 4.5 athlete. There is documentation that has LeBron between 4.5 and 4..7. For instance Cedric Benson was a high high draft pick, #4 overall and he ran a 4.6. Running a 4.6 is still pretty fast and Kobe is pretty fast.

Michael Jordan is on record for running a 4.3 with Deion Sanders. Jordan had a 48" vertical

Ill even go one further, this is the only guy in pro sports who reminds me of the way Jordan ran. McFadden and Jordan have similar strides. Funny that there are accounts of Jordan running a 4.2 and McFadden just ran in the high 4.2's. This guy reminds me of MJ with the way he runs:
this is what Jordan's 40 yard dash looked like:

No doubt in my mind that if Jordan was in his prime he would destroy this no-contact NBA.

Michael Jordan is by far the most accomplished basketball player in history.

No one approaches Jordan's number of Finals MVPs.

The legend that Jordan was so dominant that he lost MVP awards because of it is true. The league voters tired of giving the award to the same player every year. Seeing that Jordan was the future of the NBA and Magic Johnson had only received one MVP in his career, they voted Johnson in 1989 and 1990, not to diminsh Magic's accomplishments. Jordan is #1 all-time in total MVP voting, #1 all-time in MVP award shares, and has by far the most total MVPs (Finals, season, All-Star) with 14.

Michael Jordan is the only Defensive Player of the Year in history to lead the league in scoring.

Only Karl Malone has more All-NBA First Team honors (with one more).

Jordan has the most All-Defensive First Team honors in NBA history.

Rookie Michael Jordan led his team in scoring, rebounding, assists and steals, making him the only NBA player in history to do that.

Jordan was an All-Star every year in which he was eligible, and is #2 all-time in selections behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Jordan recorded the only triple double in All-Star Game history in 1997, but did not receive the MVP.

Jordan has more scoring titles than any NBA franchise's entire history. He is the only player aside from Wilt Chamberlain to score 3000 points in a season.

Jordan was the first player in NBA history to lead the league in both scoring and steals. He did it three times.

Jordan led his team to the best regular season and combined regular and postseason records in NBA history.
It's great that people love LeBron James and people love guys like Kobe Bryant.... don't ever forget, Michael Jordan did everything they did at a more consistent and dominating level. Enjoy what you have now, because they will get old and retire. Don't ever forget to take the extra time to learn about the career of one Michael Jordan. He is the greatest of all time after all.


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