Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Speaking of Hypocrisy...

What you are about to read is in really ironic. It was taken from It's been heavily edited, simply because I understood the author's premise, but I didn't embrace his unbalanced method of description.

vick_dogs1.gif[Innocent animals are brutally killed in this country every day]. In fact I found, in my short research on the subject, Vick would have probably fared better had he been involved with a Christian Dog Fighting Association.

No I’m not attempting to relive the crusades. What I’m saying is that since there’s such an association for Deer why not Dogs.

Don’t believe me?

Check out this evangelist organization called Christian Deer Hunters Association. The organization uses deer hunting as an opportunity for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with other hunters as they hunt deer.

The group provides speakers for various wild game feeds and other church related outreaches.

They even use bible scripture while on the hunt. You can get more by visiting

Meantime had brother Vick belonged to a Christian Dog Fighting group he would have been spared because then he would have been guilty of dog fighting for Christ. Who could argue with that!

Special thanks to the CDHA for being the most ironic example of the fruits of an unchecked, irresponsible majority. Whenever you're done watching the live footage of OJ's bail getting set--whether you're online, on CNN, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNNews, E!, or any other channel I didn't see after turning my TV off in disgust--and when everyone's blood is done boiling over Michael Vick's indiscretions, MAYBE we want to discuss how things like this tend to seep through the cracks of society. Killing animals in the name of Jesus... wow.

And if your argument is that these people are neither famous or important, then I agree, and I totally understand... instead, why don't we talk about Dick Cheney, our Vice President who actually hunts birds? And not just any old birds! They're birds that have been intentionally crippled so that the kill rate is higher!

Or do you want to keep hiding that story under that unimportant banter about how he shot an old man (who wasn't seriously injured) in the face?

No takers? Anybody? Alright... I'm done...

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