Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So if....then (Late night vent posting by affiliation)...Thanks Jessup3....

"It just makes you wonder if you look in your closet whether you would find a zoot suit and a top hat."
Clifton Jessup III, after hearing about the Jena 6

Passing your anger and frustration to another person is an incredible thing. I was having a decent day until a call from my co-blogger and a view of the post right below mine. Thats all it took for me to start typing out a post at 12:15 A.M (On a school night!!) thats been in my head for a long long time, and has come to fruition after all this foolishness with OJ. Ready or not, here is my list of So if....then(s)

So If O.J was acquitted by a jury of peers and is still crucified and convicted daily, then can we still think that the Duke Lacrosse players raped that girl even though they were acquited?

So if O.J is still guilty, then why aren't we hearing about how Robert Blake should be in jail (or electrocuted) ?

So if Bill O'Reilly is fair and balanced, then why is everyone else's opinion not?

So is it safe to assume that if Peyton Manning had been fighting Roosters, then he would have experienced the same federal penalties?

So if everything is equal and balanced in the US, and public education is fine even in the inner city, then why are minority test scores lower then there white counterparts? It must be those immigrant genetics...

So if Jemelle Hill and Scoop Jackson always play the race card, then maybe ESPN should sign Jason Whitlock and have him as the establishment counter voice for all the "racist" stuff Scoop and Jemele say...

So if America is the greatest country in the world, then maybe 4 black high school kids should not get attempted murder for a school yard scuffle and blatantly hanging a noose in LA be viewed as a hate crime??

So if Hip Hop is the bane and root of all that is evil in American Society, then it really doesn't make much sense that Columbine, Va Tech, and every other school shooting of the past 20 years was directly linked to hard core rock, does it?

So if a black athlete is arrested for something, then why is it a given that it is guaranteed front page news and a possibly completely biased AP story will passed around the world about them? (See Alson, Rafer; AKA Skip to My Lou) Compare the AP story to the original NY Daily article that it took from.


T3FLON said...

So, if blacks were not taken against their will and enslaved for, oh, 400 years and the situation were reversed (we go to Europe rape and pillage and make them mine diamonds and gold in Africa for 400 years), then maybe the majority would understand being a minority. All of these stories make me angry. Why is no one talking about the black girl who was kidnapped by several white men in West Virginia. I am gonna write an angry diatribe about that issue. Fucking racism.

T3FLON said...

Good post by the way (and I also enjoyed the other angry post).