Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who is the Greatest Dunker in the World?

It's been a little while since I have posted anything, so let me get some housekeeping out of the way. RIP Michael Jackson. I will do a post on that later on down the road a bit dealing with his effect and some of my favorite images from him. In the meantime, I was watching some youtube vids of some great dunkers and how many people claim to be" the greatest dunker in the world." A mythical title to be sure, but what would be the requirements for this? Physically able to do dunks no one else can? Doing things in the air unfathomable to the mere mortal. Having the craziest dunks (like jumping over a car?). Let me know who you think is best! For your approval, I submit some of youtube's finest dunking vids:

Kadour Ziani of Slam Nation

James White

Slam Nation vs. And 1

Jameel Pugh

Air Up There (Team Flight Brothers)

Dwight Howard dunk Practice

Vince Carter

And just for good measure:

What is immediately clear to me is that the best dunkers no longer reside in the NBA, and I am not sure they ever did. While some of these guys
aren't even very good Basketball Players, they certainly are special when they get above the rim.

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