Friday, July 31, 2009

Buzzwords episode 2: "CHRISTian"

In retrospect, this should have probably been the first word I chose, or Jesus, God, or sin. There might not be another word in the English language which is open to such interpretation. There are, I believe, some bedrock assumptions one can make about the term "Christian" though. I would think if you were explaining the term to someone who had never heard it, you would start by describing it as a word connected with the religion Christianity, and that you would call someone who is a Christian, ideally, a follower of Jesus Christ. After that though? You would be able to find a 1000 different interpretations of what it means. What day of worship, what constitutes right and wrong under the system, even who one worships!
From Wikipedia:

A 2007 survey in the United States identified the following five typical American categories:[8]

  • Active Christians: Committed to attending church, Bible reading, and sharing their faith that salvation comes through Jesus Christ. They also accept leadership positions in their church.[8]
  • Professing Christians: Are also committed to "accepting Christ as Savior and Lord" as the key to being a Christian, but focus on personal relationships with God and Jesus more than on church, Bible reading or sharing faith.[8]
  • Liturgical Christians: High level of spiritual activity, mainly expressed by attending and recognizing the authority of the church, and by serving in it or in the community.[8]
  • Private Christians: Believe in God and in doing good things, but not within a church context. In the American survey, this was the largest and youngest segment.[8]
  • Cultural Christians: Do not view Jesus as essential to salvation. They are the least likely to align their beliefs or practices with biblical teachings or to attend church. They favor a universality theology that sees many ways to God.[8]
So which type of Christian do you see yourself as? And what are some attributes you feel one can recognize a Christian by?

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Ingrid said...

Hmmm. i am involved partially in active, professing and liturgical.

To me you recognise a Christian first and foremost by their behaviour/actions.

Anyone can confess to being a Christian but when you are really one, you do not need to confess it, people will see Christ in you by your actions and the sharing of your faith.

For most of us it is so much easier to tell a joke or brag about a good weekend lime that involves for some, the quantity of alcohol that was consumed than to tell a family member/friend/colleague about an encounter or revelation from God.

Christ centered people glow, you see the love of God mirrored in their lives even when they go through difficult times.