Friday, June 05, 2009

The most important game in Magic History.

This is IT.

If the Magic can't take game 2, this series is over.

Really. It's true. If they allow the Lakers to come to Orlando up 2-0, they can kiss the ring goodbye. LA would just have to win once in 3 games in Orlando, and once in 2 games in LA to take the ring. Easy enough. Orlando? They would have to take all 3 games in Orlando and one game in LA, or 2 out of 3 in orlando and BOTH in LA. Not happening. They need this one. Desperately.

Some random thoughts about last night:

I like the "California Love" intro for the game, nice to see someone with a pulse is putting these intros together. They will never be as good as NBA on NBC was for me, but they are improving in my opinion (ABC).

Anyone know how much a courtside seat in LA is going for?

I got a number of texts after the camera showed that scowl on Kobe's face after bumping into Ariza celebrating a play along the lines of "Uh oh, Kobe has his Colorado face on!" When does that joke get old and played out? Just asking.

Dwight Howard does not have the weapons necessary to make him a threat at all times during a game. He has to add a jumper of some kind, as well as better passing or we are watching his ceiling. Patrick Ewing should be working on this with him this summer, I hope. Seeing as he has already improved his free throw shooting 15%, something Shaq nor Wilt could ever do, tells me he should be able to add more facets to the game. He will need it if the HOF is his goal.

Orlando finally had a bad shooting game. And it cost them the game. Because of their offense completely relying on shooting 3's, they will face the same issues whenver they are not reggie miller-like from beyond the arc, which, sadly, will happen more times then not according to the law of averages. This LA team is going to close out quickly on their shooters and make the shots as tough as possible.

Skip Alston had a bad game. Ditto for Howard and Turk. These guys need to pick it up, they are key components on what Orlando tries to do during games and need to get their teammates involved.

I was greatly amused that Nike was able to recover quickly enough to put out a Lebron commercial with Lil Dez (the kid) making fun of the situation. I wonder if Nike had a contingency plan if Kobe lost to Denver?

I'm throwing a NBA Finals game 2 Viewing Party this Sunday. Suggestions for decor would be greatly appreciated.

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