Friday, June 12, 2009

I can't even type this, I'm so mad at the Magic.

After seeing the incredibly dumb coaching job last night from Stan Van Gundy, I am so mad I am going to let other people talk for me. Here are some user comments from ESPN and Slam online concerning the loss last night to the Lakers and SVG's decision to bench Starter Rafer Alston in favor of a maybe 80% Jameer Nelson.

From ESPN:

"SVG should of never left Nelson in the whole 4th quarter. You stick with the point guard that got you to the finals and that has played well for you. SVG is the pinnacle of bad coaching during important games."

"I said after game 1 and also last night that SVG was gonna cost the Magic this series from overplaying Jameer Nelson. D. Fisher cannot guard Rafer Alston. Skip to my Lou has him whenever he wants him like a prison b*tch. SVG said in his interview Nelson wasn't hurting the team, but in the final 5 of regulation, the Magic had no ball movement because Nelson was not doing what Alston had done which is create open looks by dribble penetration. Then the Magic put on that unnecessary full court pressure to leave Fisher open for a 3 when all they had to do was guard against a 3 and give a layup away. Dumb....hate seeing teams choke games away, but makes me sick to my stomach to watch a coach choke also."

"I'm not sure who to blame more... Nelson or Van Gundy. I'm sure in the timeout they had to say give up anything but an uncontested 3 and that's what Nelson does. Why was he in the game though? Alston can be streaky but he was hitting shots tonight and is always active on D. If he is in that play, Fisher passes... if he is in earlier they probably would have had the game in hand. I was completely baffled during the game and promised to never question Stan again if they can win this way... but it turned out to be as foolish as it seemed."

"The look Nelson gave the bench after Fisher tied it with a 3 was classic? It was almost like he was looking at Van Gundy and saying.. "see coach, I warned you I'm not 100%"

Fisher was off all night because Skip to my Lou was ballin' and Fisher was tired from chasing him around.. plus he is taller then Nelson which makes shots harder..

SVG is an #### for playing a guy who didn't get them to the finals...

this smells of favoritism.. Nelson must have a few years left on his contract or pictures of SVG in drag cause there is no other way he should be on the court."

From SLAM:

"This was bizarre."

  • "The craziest was how obvious it was. This was not a case of second-guessing. Me and many other commenters spent the bulk of the 4th quarter and OT last night asking where Skip—who had been giving Fisher fits—was."

  • "t seems like shaq was right. Stan is the master of manic. The Magic are going to lose this series because of bad coaching."

"Street Ballers don’t get respect and it’s sad, I grew up with Skip and to see him come this far despite what he has been through is enough for me. Stan will reap his coaching plans but I will say this “you must have confidence in your players”. Phil Jackson went with Fisher the whole series and he was stinking it up! But look where confidence got him."

"SVG is a literal idiot for not playing alston late. playing a guard who has been out for MONTHS is questionable especially when you choose him over a guard that BROUGHT you to the finals."

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CJessup3 said...

I gotta say, that game got so bad it got uncomfortable. It was every bit of 2006. Thank God I'm not a Magic fan (even though I cringed anyway when Stu Scott accidentally referred to the Magic as the Mavs during the postgame. THATS when you know they were bad. Thanks Stu!!) Guys having the games of their lives (Ariza on offense, Gasol on defense, Fisher with TWO "Where Amazing Happens" buckets in one game)while the other team works OVERTIME to give the game away. Also, I was pretty disgusted at Jeff Van Gundy going so hard at Jameer's basketball IQ, when let's remember...this is his 4th game since JANUARY!!! So don't blame the guy whose head isn't yet in the game, blame the coach who left him in on defense even though 1)he hasn't played for months, 2) he's shorter than the guy he's guarding, and 3) he has played atrocious defense pretty much the entire series. So legitimately this series is now 3-1, or as I'd like to call it, Magic/Skip 1, Lakers 2, Van Gundy + Lakers, 1.