Thursday, April 16, 2009

A few quick thoughts, and the secret to Grad School is Deion Sanders?

First off, happy that so many people liked the MVP convo with Wade and Kobe. We will have two guests weighing in on LBJ, Paul Nixon and Terrell McCoy. I'll be posting Paul's shortly. If you weren't aware, today the news broke that Kevin Garnett is out for the playoffs. Probably. Nothing official, but his coach was quoted as saying ..."It's official as far as I am concerned...I had to shut him down after watching him run at practice for 20 minutes...his knee was locking up." I find it amazing that the Celtics were able to keep the seriousness of this knee injury quiet for so long. That is a miracle in today's news driven, youtube, ESPN 24 hour a day society. Secondly, did the road just get a whole bunch easier for Lebron James and the Cavs to come out of the East? The Magic realistically are their biggest challenge, and they would have home court advantage against them. It's really beginning to develop into a dream matchup between the Lakers and the Cavs. Kobe-Lebron. I can only hope. On a personal level, I have a good quote that came into my head from a professor here at A&M. After getting a bad grade on an exam or assignment, he told me

"You have to be like Deion Sanders. A great Cornerback. You just got burned for a touchdown, but you need to have an incredibly short memory, and not let it affect your future work and what you want to do."

I am having a tough class right now that I am not sure the outcome of, and this quote really has helped me. We had a pretty tough exam this morning but I have to forget it and put everything into the remaining homework and final exam. If I haven't run it into the ground yet, you can follow me on twitter @slaihingpg3blog. Have a good evening!

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