Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The two greatest National Anthem renditions EVER...along with a personal favorite you may not have seen....

Below are (in order) the top 2 greatest National Anthem renditions ever in the history of the world.
Pre-recorded or not, they SANG.

After getting an email, I have decided to add a couple I might have 
overlooked. Definite Honorable mention to:


Here is a rare rendition that still gives me goosebumps by one of the greatest groups of all time, 
Grammy winning Oakwood Alumni Take 6:

And, just for full disclosure, possibly the WORST rendition ever:


T3FLON said...

How did you forget this one? It was live with no lip sync!!!

And this one is always good for the essence of the American way. Every musician has screwed up during a performance and we all can relate.

Ebony said...

What about Pattie Labelle at the All-Star Game??!?!

slaihing said...

Patti Labelle at the All Star games takes a back seat to the ones I posted...

Robert said...

Yea... that's wack... you forgot number 1!