Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Greatest Dunker in the World.

We here at Page 3 have known about James White for years, but I am shocked that people are not aware of this man and his exploits with a basketball in his hand. I humbly present to you a dunk routine that could not be replicated by any NBA dunk contest winner dead or alive. He recently won the NBDL dunk contest (easy) and I am praying that he gets in the League and is allowed to defeat Lebron James next year in Dallas (I'll be there!).
For your viewing pleasure:

Did you see it?! Free throw line with 1 hand, followed by freethrow line windmill, freethrow line two hands, and then 
FREETHROW LINE BETWEEN THE LEGS. I defy you to find a dunk contest program better then that!

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