Thursday, April 10, 2008

The joys of XM satellite radio

I have had the opportunity to travel a bit since I entered Grad School, and, thanks to a perk of my school (Go Aggies!) I am able to get nice rental cars at an even nicer price. For the past 2 years I have rented cars, I have learned that one of the single greatest inventions of the 21st century is undoubtedly Satellite radio. I haven't had much experience with Sirius, but I certainly have become a huge fan of XM (soon to be one company.) If you didn't know, XM offers ~200+ channels of news, sports, and commercial free music and works pretty much everywhere you could ever drive in this great country of ours. On our 12 hour drives back to Alabama, it is quite the lifesaver. I am able to bounce between R&B, Gospel, live streams of CNN and Fox News, ESPN, and Hip Hop. It even tells me weather conditions and traffic hiccups I may run into on my route. Amazing! On my most recent trip to Oakwood University Alumni, Ebony (my girlfriend) and I discovered a special channel playing nothing but Michael Jackson; the name of the channel was XM Thriller, celebrating the re-re-release of his breath taking album (Still certified as the biggest selling album EVER.) The crazy thing is that for the first 5-6 hours of the trip we never heard a repeated song. If you ever get the chance to experience this marvelous invention, I would heavily suggest you do. I plan on getting it in my car with in the next few months.

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