Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So the question is...DO I know a sneaker freak?

Bolded are the answers I know--or at least believe--to be true of Steven LaiHing...

1. The first thing you notice on everyone is their shoes. KNOW this
2. When you walk into class people occasionally say Another Pair?!? LOL!
3. The teachers even notice when you get new shoes. They have to by now
4. Instead of taking the shortcut with your friends in the grass or dirt you walk all the way around the cement. No dirt on Jordans! Save that for LeBrons!
5. Your parents get really mad when you get another pair of shoes. Nah...they love you
6. When somebody insults your shoes, you stuck up for them like they are your children. Still reeling about me putting the Air Pennys above Jordans, lol
7. You constantly look at peoples shoes when you walk by them.
8. Before you go out, you think for a good 10 15 minutes about which sneakers you should wear. Unless the clothes that match them are dirty, I'd imagine this happening
9. You do not wear certain sneakers to parties/clubs because you are afraid someone is going to step on them. If this didn't say clubs, I'd think it was possible
10. You do not wear White/Clear sole shoes in the rain.
11. You keep every single pair of shoes in the box stuffed. You win major points for this not being true
12. When people you know (or even strangers) who always see you, look at you, and then look directly down to your feet to see what your shoe you are wearing. Depends...some do, I'm sure
13. Most of the time your shoes are the main center attraction.
14. You feel insulted when someone says Theyre JUST shoes! Ok, ok... you're not THIS bad.
15. You want multiple pairs of the same shoe. He taught me the word "colorway"
16. You browse eBay daily to find that HG (Holy Grail).
17. You are willing to spend good money on your HG in NDS (Near Dead stock) condition. You do somehow maintain your frugality despite your chronic fetish
18. You know at least 2 people in every shoe store you go to. You've been in College Station 2 years now...I'd say yes
19. Your paintings are shoe themed. We'll count the Jordan picture with the rings as an homage
20. You could have bought a small car for the amount you spent on your collection. Unfair, because you aren't a BIG spender...but likely true
21. You get really defensive about any damage to your shoes.
22. You save up your lunch money over a month to buy a new pair. At some point I'm positive this happened--some poor girl in high school probably got a romantic meal at McDonalds when a pair of Jordans was releasing
23. You look down at your shoes every 5 minutes. If you did this your lab would explode
24. Your drawer is full of shoe cleaners.
25. You skip appointments to go to the mall because new pair of Jordans are being released. No, you keep your appointments with the Savior--MAJOR points here
26. You know what NT and ISS stands for. Probably...
27. You sit and keep turning your foot to the side to look at your shoes. After you've seen the shoe's pre-release model, you can't get too hype when it's on your foot...
28. You know a fake shoe when you see it. AAH!! HE DOES!!!! LOL this one made me choke
29. Your background in your computer is a Jordan.
Let's have some fun with this one...

Top 5 Steven Desktop Backgrounds:
1. Him playing at Rucker (I remember that pic from freshman year!)
2. Javorski Lane running up the field holding Acie Law like a football
3. Oakwood Colliversity (Bo Bokpe slamming one down--throwback!)
4. Michael Jordan beating Kobe Bryant senseless, but no basketball being played
5. Artists rendition of what the Oakwood College Church will look like after it is merged with the New Jerusalem
30. You think that girls that have wear Air Jordans are hot even without looking at their face.
31. You go to the mall for silica packs and tell the lady that its for a school project because they wont give you any otherwise.
32. You check the weather before you go out so you know what shoe you should wear. Do you? This would actually just be using common sense, I'd think...
33. You put an extra insole in your Jordans to not rub off the Jumpman in the insole. Wow...
34. You take a traveling cleaning kit when you are on the road.
35. You limp when you walk to prevent creasing. Yo...I really want to meet people who have some of these problems...this is crazy!
36. You clean your shoes after every wear.
37. You learned the roman numerals from the Air Jordan series. LOL! I learned them from Super Bowls, so this is probably how you got them!
38. 23 is one of your favorite numbers. Could it NOT be?
39. When you are bored in class and someone says something about shoes you listen.
40. You never try to get any of your shoes dirty. This is not possible if you no
41. You take your shoes off and walk when it suddenly starts raining in school to walk to your car.
42. You have a whole frame of Jordan retro cards.
43. You carry an Eastbay, Brand Jordan, or Sole Collector magazine in your backpack. No, you have quite an expansive memory--no need for visual aides
44. You know all the release dates for Jordans. Had to change the font for this one
45. You get mad when people say Jordans are a waste of money.
46. When you buy a new pair of shoes you take pictures of them. I've received a few...punk
47. You write poems of your shoes. LOOOOL thank God it could be worse
48. You visit ISS and NT Forums. And know the people on them!
49. You know what DS, OG, SMH, & MJ stands for. Just guessing on this one
50. You know when Michael Jordans birthday is. Well...what is it?

I have to say...this has been a fun 20 minutes... And to my count, he gets a 24/50...making him a 48% Sneaker Freak. I really think it could be much worse.

Congratulations! Enjoy your day

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