Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oakwood University! Ten things that are good....

I just got back from Oakwood University Alumni weekend (Class of '06!) and I am very proud of the strides and accomplishments of my Alma Mater. Below are some great things I knew/ found out over the weekend:
In no particular order...
1) Biggest enrollment ever this semester, ~1900 students!
2) National Championship Basketball Team! (USCAA Div. 1)
3) Ranked as top 10 in the NATION at sending African Americans to Med School!
4) Top 20 ranking as one of the best schools in the South.
5) The single biggest contributor of Adventist evangelistic legends in America.
6) A wonderful Spiritual atmosphere on campus.
7) New facilities completed with more on the way! (New men's dorm to open Fall 2008, BCB Institute.)
8) A turn around in fiscal support by Alumni (SUPPORT YOUR SCHOOL!)
9) The best Chemistry department of any Adventist school in America. (I'm biased, but look at the research and numbers!)
10) Dynamic Praise, Whitley Phipps, The Aeolians, Take 6, Virtue, Brian McKnight, Little Richard, Mayor John Street, Barry Black, and the list goes on...all attendees of OU.

For the uninitiated among you, Oakwood University is a Liberal Arts Institution located in Huntsville, AL founded in 1896 by the Seventh Day Adventist Church at the behest of it's Prophet, Ellen G. White. Since that time it has become a premier HBCU and is nationally recognized for it's academic as well as Musical programs. Oakwood alumni are referred to as Oakwoodites, and, if you attend, it is said that you can go anywhere and meet someone who attended as well. It's a big family.

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