Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shaq fires back at Bill Walton...LOL

From East Valley Tribune newspaper:

Walton said: “What he did in Miami by saying ‘I can’t play at all’ and now ‘I’m going to win the championship (in Phoenix),’ that’s absolutely ludicrous. Six weeks ago Shaquille O’Neal was on the verge of the all-time consecutive fouled out rule, and Pat Riley saved him. This going to be very difficult for Shaq to work his way through.”

O’Neal shot back at Walton on Sunday, and had more on Tuesday – saying Walton needs to compare resumes before he speaks again.

“I’ve done more in three years than he’s done in his whole career,” said O’Neal, referring to his three-peat run with the Lakers. “I would like a little respect from this man. I don’t understand where his comments are coming from, nor do I really care.

“(Walton) being disrespectful to me is like me being disrespectful to Bill Russell. (Walton) has one and half, maybe two championships. I have four. I’ve been (to the NBA Finals) six times. He criticized me for being injured … he only had two full seasons in his entire career. One thing I hate in life is a hypocrite – I hate them, despise them. So I would like a little respect when it comes to ‘The Dominant Big Man’s Club’

“Him talking about me is like the owner of Atari talking about Bill Gates. You can’t do it. The pecking order rules.”

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