Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And while we're here...

Roger Clemens, you are scum. SCUM.

...Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh...

...But seriously, one of the worst and most incredibly impassioned liars I have ever seen. Yes, McNamee is a liar as well. But what no one in the media or the Committee has said all day is, McNamees only lied to PROTECT Roger Clemens. Nothing he has said against him has suffered any loss of credibility!

And ol' adamant Roger wants us to believe that he knows NOTHING about HGH when his best friend AND wife were getting it from his own personal trainer? Is he stupid or are we?

Then he's attacking the personal integrity of McNamee, but his star witness as to his whereabouts one night is Jose Canseco?

Even if he's the stupid one, he sure THINKS it's us.

The funny thing about all this, to me, was the sentiment expressed on PTI this afternoon after the "Drama on Capital Hill" came to an end.

McNamee's not getting punished... but we know he peddled and solicited illegal drugs.

Pettite's not getting punished... but we know he's guilty of lying and using HGH.

So...why in the world do we even bother chasing Clemens?

Really! Seriously! What's the flippin point?

We're allowing men who obviously lack integrity testify without consequence against a man who is adamant that he has committed no wrong.

So if Clemens IS found out, yes he lied by speaking what wasn't true, but McNamee and Pettite lied by withholding information from the federal examiners that they revealed later.

I think everybody wins in this case... if everybody is punished. Clemens, Pettite and McNamee have all been caught in lies in this process, so make an example of them all. Make it clear that McNamee isn't being punished for being a whistle blower--that would be counter-productive. Let the MLB know that participants are to be punished regardless of who they help to bring down later.

Needless to say, this is about as interested as I've been in baseball in 24 years. But the best pitcher AND hitter in the modern era are possibly...ok, likely cheaters. I can't imagine what I'd do if Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon were found to be che...

...ok, that's blasphemy.

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