Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A shotgun to the foot.....

I am a declared moderate who votes on issues and people, not partisan politics. With that out of the way to insure myself against partisan attacks, has anyone been keeping up with the craziness that is election year 2008? The democratic nomination is truly up for grabs, and the republican nomination is just as available for the taking. I listen to talk radio everyday, and the one thing I would like to ask Sean Hannity and Rush and all of the other conservative right leaning microphones would be if they realize that they are making it a HARDER election for their party? The conservative right would LOVE to face Hillary Clinton in the general election, she is to divisive and would make it an easy win for Republicans. She also has a record that can be picked apart and her family name carries a stigma with it that may very well rival the Bush name (At lease in some circles.) In essence what Talk radio and other conservative outlets are doing is helping give the democratic nomination to their worst nightmare: A well spoken, grassroots formed, well prepared Black man who will be able to hold his own and weather any debate storm any Republican candidate can think up. Think of the irony: using their near irrational hate of all things Bill and Hillary, the conservatives are cooking up an even bigger problem: A young, vibrant, well supported candidate who cannot be called on his short record and who represents a far reaching widely attractive democrat this nation has not seen since Dallas 1963 took the last one away. I'm going to sit back and watch this, but if things swing left with this general election, and Barack Hussein Obama wins the Black House, then the pundits on both sides of the aisle have no one to blame (or thank) but themselves.

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