Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Top Ten players of the 90's

In no particular order:

1) Michael Jordan- The greatest player of all time. He would have been number 1 in any era. Just in case you forgot though, 6 nba rings, 6 nba finals mvps, 10 scoring titles, Defensive player of the year, and, once again the template by which any superstar that emerges in the NBA will be judged.

2) Reggie Miller- Surprised? Don't be. The number 3 most clutch player in NBA history (Michael and Jerry West) never had a truly great team around him, but almost always found a way if the score was close to pull it out, normally with a long distance bomb to break the opposing crowd's hearts. New York fans still get upset when you bring his name up.

3) Hakeem Olajuwon- David Robinson still has nightmares about the 95 Western Conference finals. The best big man of the 90's. Marv Albert:" Olajuwon just BAMBOOZLED David Robinson!"

4) Shawn Kemp- No explanation needed. THE best dunker over 6'8 in NBA history, he put a super wack Sonics team on his back and took them to the finals against Mike. Damn donuts....

5) Scottie Pippen- Not only because he was a catalyst for all the rings in Chicago, but because he will go down as one of the top 5 defensive players of all time and the best defender EVER at Small Forward.

6) Penny Hardaway- All NBA first team for 3 seasons during the 90's, he was everything you see now in the play of Tracy McGrady. A do it all big point guard with the handle and court vision of someone a foot shorter. Cool shoes, too.

7) Allen Iverson- Changed the way the game is played at the point guard position. Took the games of Isiah Thomas and Tiny Archibald and added street flavor as well as super speed to it. One of the fastest players with the ball to ever play. The most violent crossover dribble in NBA history.

8) Karl Malone- No, the mailman doesn't deliver on Sunday, but he is still the consensus top 3 power forward of all time, only behind Tim Duncan.

9) Charles Barkley-The shortest man to ever win the Rebounding title, sir charles was a force at both ends of the floor and should have had a ring if it wasn't for the Bulls (come to think of it, 4 other players on this list would have probably gotten rings if it wasn't for the Bulls.) Also the only man to ever lift and body slam Shaquille O'neal in NBA history.

10) Shaquille O'neal- although no rings during this era, he came in and went on a ridiculous statistical run, breaking backboards and forcing the league to change how they officiate the post position.

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