Friday, August 31, 2007

Crazy post...but you know what??.....

NOTE: I AM NOT A DEMOCRAT/LIBERAL. I am a moderate who believes that both parties have a lot good and a lot more bad in what they think. This post today brought some interesting thoughts up, so I snatched it from Noted Leftist site Daily Kos and posted it here. All credit to the original poster, username Kos. All views in the following post reflect the original poster and may not be the views of the writers of this blog.

A couple of years ago I stirred up the wingnutosphere into a frothy rage arguing that while Republicans like to accuse Democrats of being "terrorist sympathizers", Islamic fundamentalism was more in tune with conservatism than progressive values.

Once upon a time, it was easy for the American Right to smear its opponents on the left -- they could simply equate them with the nation's communist enemies. It didn't matter that the American "left" (Democrats) had more in common with the Right than international communism, the smear was useful.
Now, however, our international enemy -- Islamic radicalism -- is actually the polar opposite of what liberals stand for -- their actions on women rights are deplorable, they insist on theocracy, they loooveee torture and the death penalty, they demand to control the culture (TV, movies, music), they rail against rampant sexuality, they seek to spread their ideology via force, and they have a well-defined black-and-white sense of truth.

Remind you of a certain American party?

That's why hysterical assertions by the wingers that liberals hate America and want the terrorists to win are so absurd. As absurd as it would've been to claim that Reagan wanted the Communists to win the Cold War. The Taliban/Al Qaida/Hezbollah/Jihadists of the world are the exact embodiment of evil in the liberal mind. They are everything we are against, and against everything we are for.

In fact, they are exactly what we see in the Republican Party as the GOP continues to consolidate power -- creeping theocracy, moralizing, us versus them, embrace of torture, the need to constantly declare jihad on someone, hysterics over football-game nipples, control over "decency" on the airwaves, lyrics censorship, hostility to women freedoms, curtaling of civil liberties, and so on.

So it's pretty obvious -- we don't love terrorists. We don't want them to win. For them to win would be to realize our greatest fears. The muslim terrorist is truly the anti-liberal. Like matter and anti-matter.

Republicans, on the other hand, hate the terrorists because they're Muslim. But aside from that, they've got far more in common than they'll ever admit to themselves.

I then took this thought further, comparing how conservatives are like our Islamic enemies here and here. A few samples:


Al Qaida/Taliban: Death to the infidels
American Taliban: Kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity
Liberals: Live and let live


Al Qaida/Taliban: Marriage is only between a man and a woman
American Taliban: Marriage is only between a man and a woman
Liberals: Marriage is between any two people who love each other


Al Qaida/Taliban: God is on our side and will help us kill our enemies
American Taliban: God is on our side and will help us kill our enemies
Liberals: God may or may not exist and will not help us kill anyone

You get the point.

Now there was a ton of whining about these posts from the usual suspects. But ultimately, this is the bottom line reason we don't like Islamic Fundamentalist AND the GOP -- their moral absolutism, their militarism, and their oppressive efforts to impose their rigid morality on the rest of us.

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