Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Playoff catchup.....

Steven LaiHing

Steven: I have been talking on and off today with truehoop about basketball
me: the guy from espn? the real guy?
Steven: and he and I came to the conclusion that a best of 7 matchup between the 96 Bulls and the 2001 Lakers was to close to call
yeah, the real guy
me: really?
Steven: He's on gmail, and he's religious about answering emails, so he added me as a contact
we talk all the time
he's one of my quick contacts
this all stemmed from me correcting one of his posts about Jordan passing in the NBA finals
me: wow! thats tight, that he's that accessible
Steven: yeah
He said that Jordan never passed directly to Paxson to win a ring...
he said that Jordan passed to pippen, who passed to grant, who passed to paxson to three peat
which is correct...
except that in the decisive game 5 of the 91 finals against the lakers
jordan drove on Vlade and kicked the ball back to paxson to seal the game
he forgot it,
and we've been emailing back and forth ever since
me: well what was the discussion around? was this something about kobe?
Steven: nope
kobe hasn't really come up..
but I sent him a link to our blog
along with a cut and paste of your post about the Dirk stams
I think it may make his blog feed
me: ...lol oh no
Steven: it was hilarious
me: that was done at a very low and painful moment in my life
Steven: I had to convince him that you didn't just create that product for the post
haven't heard back from him about it since...
so we'll see
me: so what you postin this week?
Steven: I added in your link at the bottom so he could go see the product on the mavs site for himself
90's top 10
cell phone rant
me: ...that was supposed to be LAST week
cell phone? what abt
Steven: about the movement beginning that will allow everyone to have mobile to mobile calling'
with everyone else regardless of carrier
me: praise God!!!
Steven: and the incredible stupidity of all of the fees they tax on
me: what r u doing right now?
Steven: why should we pay $18 for upgrading to more expensive phones we are coming out of pocket for?!
me: lol that is a racket
Steven: I'm at work trying to finish up my ORP
that you haven't responded to me about
the tenth is Thursday
me: dang it! u still need my help? i guess you'd need to send me a more recent copy
Steven: yeah
please hold while I transfer that document.
me: i'll do it tonight... promise
Sent at 2:42 PM on Tuesday
me: i want to put this on the blog, for some sick reason... so say something about basketball or something that could actually be on the blog
Steven: What?!
me: something like "Jason Kidd is better than Steve Nash"
and then I can say "WHAT?!!! Why?"
and then you continue...
Steven: Ok....
Scottie Pippen at this point is better then Kobe Bryant
me: What?!!! Why?
Steven: sigh...
6 rings vs. 3
Led a team to 54 wins by himself
Led that same team to the conference finals
A place Kobe hasn't even watched on TV since Shaq left
me: now HUUUGE question
Steven: sidenote...my manly heart shriveled a little when I saw MAC crying like that. I felt so bad for him...
me: I don't honestly feel like the east of the mid-nineties was half as loaded as the current-day west... does Kobe get a pass at all for degree of difficulty?
Steven: ehhhhh...
The east had the Pistons...NY
me: Oh man... that almost got me too... I've already started the FIRE Van Gundy, TRADE Yao Ming chants
Steven: ORLANDO was big
the Heat were decent
the eras win wise might be comparable.
Are you simply talking about individual star power?
Cant' forget about the Pacers
me: But name a single one of those teams that was comparable to the Dallas-Spurs-Suns-Rockets-Jazz logjam we've had this year
Steven: Beleive it or not...The Knicks were not to be messed with
me: I'm not sold those teams could beat the JAZZ
Steven: dominant top 50 big man
clutch shooting
historic defense
me: okay, Knicks sure
Steven: they would rough up nearly any top team we have right now
younger reggie miller??
the Pacers were no joke either
me: see, THAT to me was defense. I hate how Van Gundy gets credit for his team's points against average, because he just makes them play really slow, so of course everyone scores less!
Steven: The dunking dutchman, miller time, and a mobile Mullin?
I agree with you
me: Here's a strange truth for me, especially as a Mavs fan...
Steven: But didn't you hear van gundy is pretty much gone?
Thats whats being reported
me: Even IF he wins a ring, nothing Dirk can do will in my mind make him better than Reggie Miller... Reggie to me is Robert Horry with stats
no rings, but hey, no Kobe, Shaq, Dream, or Duncan either
Steven: He might be the only player in NBA history who in an argument I would agree gives Mike a big run for the money as most clutch ever.
AND he was most clutch in the playoffs
me: I hope Van Gundy goes... he tries to make Yao play like he's Patrick Ewing. He's the Derrick Zoolander of coaching... "One Look"
Steven: PLUS he didn't have the physical gifts mike did...
me: not anywhere close... lol
Steven: "chicken fighting with a woman"
Sent at 2:52 PM on Tuesday
me: he looked like ME at 6'7"... and that's why I loved him. He was every bit as small, but so hard-nosed. He stood up to the beat-'em-up Knicks on his OWN... think about it. His big man was Rik Smits!
Sent at 2:53 PM on Tuesday
Steven: I don't think any one series of plays has set a franchise back like what he did to the knicks in '94. And it was out of pure malice. Maybe the only thing that compares would be the shot on Ehlo and the trade of Babe Ruth.
me: Sadly, I'm starting to think that our children will add the Mavs letting Nash go in free agency to that list
Steven: Nope...
I think Cubes saw the writing on the wall...
even if Nash wins a ring
me: what do you mean?
Steven: They might have been SWEPT if Nash had to matchup with Baron...
I think the Warriors would have exploited his flaw of passing after he leaves his feet
You can't do that against a quick adaptive defense
look at what happened with the Spurs (minus the nose bleed)
me: See, I disagree... if Golden State plays Phoenix, it will definitely not be one-sided... neither of them can guard each other
Steven: and the warriors are faster
Phoenix will take it because they have size and will impose their pace on the game...
me: Nash would prey on their fear of leaving Amare and go straight to the basket, as would Baron
Steven: But the Warriors lack of respect would keep them from doubling amare
their motto just seems to be "Put a body on someone, play the passing lanes, take good shots, and RUN!!"
me: See, the problem with the Mavs decision, to me, was that Dirk needed Nash, but Nash didn't need Dirk.
Steven: Amare can't shoot as well as Nowitzki, and might be easier to contain
Yeah your right about that..
me: man, his shot is pretty wet right now... he could go off if he gets to play somebody like Golden State
Sent at 2:59 PM on Tuesday
Steven: maybe...
But I think the warriors style of play will get them only so far...
But it is refreshing to see...
me: Oh and on the Mavs thing, I sincerely believe it was an age decision... had Dirk been 31 looking for $70 million, he'd be somewhere else too. They realized theyd spent too much on Finley, and they didn't want to further cripple the franchise. The problem was, Nellie has always been in love with shooters, but the run and gun style that he and Nash love so much is best played with ATHLETIC players. That's why Golden State's so dangerous (athletic AND shooters), the Suns are looking like a dynasty (same thing), and the Mavs fall short "unexpectedly" (our team still relies more on shooters than on getting athletes)
Steven: yup....
And I think this is starting a movement...
Truehoop had a post about all of the top big men in the NBA being out of the playoffs
except Duncan and Amare...because teams are getting quicker and quicker...
me: If American-born NBA players grasp the international systems of basketball... that would be murderous
yeah, I saw that one
Steven: it would be unfair...
me: but think about this... remember when positions were defined by size?
Steven: yup...that all began to end with Magic and is now completely done..
me: think of all the superstars in the league today--most of them do something peculiar to their size. That's exactly what they teach over in Europe; they want their big men to dribble and shoot and such, and they want big guards just like us
Steven: Kobe doesn't
he's a prototypical 2 guard
Lebron on the other hand....
me: T-Mac, LeBron, KG, Dirk, Wade, most of them aren't stereotypical or prototypical positional players
[smile] you beat me to it
Steven: Whats crazier is that if Durant DOES end up anywhere close to McGrady, he would be a complete mismatch, even for McGrady...
Sent at 3:06 PM on Tuesday
me: true
who you got in the conference finals next year?
Sent at 3:08 PM on Tuesday
Steven: I think...
West: Phoenix and San Antonio/LA/Denver (contigent on huge free agent trades/signings in LA)
for the East: Cleveland vs. Detroit
me: in addition to that question... I'd like some bold predictions
Steven: bold predictions: KG goes to LA for Odom, Parker, Bynum, and or draft pick..OR he goes to Dallas for Dirk and Harris.
Cleveland picks up a big name 4 or 5..
NY makes a surprising playoff run, keeping them out of the lottery and adding another year to their purgatory
me: nice...
Steven: Dwight howard develops a right handed hook that adds 3.5 points to his scoring average
me: so he'd now be at 21 & 37 boards
Steven: Dwyane Wade goes to a post game that makes the entire league shudder and start to feel like 1996 again (silent comparison...yes it is)
Sent at 3:14 PM on Tuesday
Steven: Zo and GP retire. Zo becomes a surprisingly good assistant at tutoring big men, GP becomes a sideline reporter until he is approached to come off of the bench for a contender and almost gets another ring.
Seattle moves ot OKC or Vegas, they set attendance records and make a first round exit..
me: ok now you're just gettin crazy
Steven: The Nets FINALLY move to Brooklyn and Vince experiences a rejuvenation in stat line and street cred..
Whats crazy?
me: GP a sideline reporter? and have you SEEN him this season?
Steven: My only defense for that statement is: BJ armstrong is still employed by ESPN.
that is all
me: And wherever Seattle goes, they're still... Seattle. They'd have to improve drastically to (LOL BJ Armstrong statement) even compete out west
Steven: But if they move don't forget they get double draft picks (lottery protected)
me: they do?
Steven: Thats what happened with New Orleans
now that may have been just the result of a previous trade..but I thought it had to do with their move.
me: well this would be the year to move, then... this is the first draft I can remember where a team could get a solid player at any of the 5 positions in the lottery. And that's with Acie Law STILL projected to go after the lottery
Steven: THE COURT OF LAW!!! YEAH!!! (ok I'm through)
me: man, you've become such a homer
Steven: In the mall yesterday they are selling this huge beautiful painting of him hitting that jumper vs. TX
its like 500 bucks
wood paneled framing
me: yesterday? it's probably gone
Steven: Probably
me: for double
Steven: yup
open bidding
and I am not a homer
I just support the school that pays me
me: ok... yes you are... time for my bold predictions
in no particular order...
Steven: proceed...
me: ok...
Portland is next year's Golden State...
Vince Carter severs his ties with New Jersey, and officially becomes the Roger Clemens of basketball
Steven: dunker for higher?
me: actually, the former was a nice play on words
Steven: yeah
SLAM cover
me: hmmm... I think Cavs still suck... they seem to like their team the way it is, much like the Rockets, though its won them nothing
I can really see the Wizards making a splash. They also have the bodies and the contracts to pick up a big name if its out there... who knows
Pistons lose a player to old age...can't tell if its... no it IS... Dale Davis
Steven: LOL
They'll put a ring in his casket at the beginning of the season
Sent at 3:26 PM on Tuesday
me: lol how fitting...And this sounds crazy... but I've thought this for a while...either Ron Artest or Steve Francis will be dealt to a team that becomes a major threat for a championship. Both are headcases, much like Steven Jackson, but both also have lots of talent, and just need an authoritative MJ-like player to Rodman them into submission
Steven: Probably Artest before Francis...
me: ...and James White wins the slam dunk contest...
Steven: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: LOL
Steven: How could I forget that one?
just so It's a matter of public record (word to your dad)
me: good I have a sidebar too
Steven: the lineup of dunks to win the competition are:
Two hands from free throw line in first round (50)
windmill from free throw line (50)
Between the legs from free throw line (65, plus 12 virgins)
and to end it...
one hand from dotted at the circle for encore
me: you know what? that windmill from the free throw, though it isn't the most difficult of his dunks, is to me the most incredible thing i've ever seen... when you see where he begins his wind up... man, its XMen-ish
Steven: yeah
me: can he really? the dotted line?
Steven: looks like the old photoshopped kobe adidas commercial when he's doing all those crazy dunks.
I wouldn't put it past him after a season of doing nothing (anger and hunger to make a splash) and NBA quality personal training + dieting
me: did you see during the all star game, when people were doing dunks off the trampoline and Arenas did one, Dwight Howard was looking at them and saying, "Man, I can do that off vert." ...!!!
Steven: LOL
his score was a travesty
he should have gotten at least a 45 for that sticker dunk
Steven: I doubt ANY of those legends (mike included) could have done that in their prime (maybe Doc)
me: for once i have to say, you suck, Michael Jordan
that's what James White looks like...
me: well now that we're youtubeing... this is one of my favorite commercials of all time now... and I don't know why http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYX_zhlTDr8
Sent at 3:35 PM on Tuesday
Steven: please don't ever post anything remotely that alarmingly fossi ever again
me: you know what? because you had me thinking about James White, I thought those Kobe dunks were whack! He can't even replicate James in commercials
Steven: I'm scared
me: you haven't seen that one?
Steven: no
me: it's by far the most random commercial ever
... you're watching it again... LOL
Steven: just for old times sake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BB7kUUKVN0
and yes I was watching it again
me: I KNEW IT!!!
Steven: moment of silence...
me: you didn't warn me...
Steven: while we remember the hottest playoff shoe/commercial ever created.
Sent at 3:38 PM on Tuesday
me: I don't know that I've ever mentioned it to you, but that commercial is significant for me in two ways. One, of course, my favorite shoe...but also, this was when I really became an MJ fan... This commercial means a lot to me...
Steven: heres a tissue...
give me a hug [smile]
me: I need to take my mind off that...
Steven: I understand
YOU could have warned ME!
me: LOL!!!!!!!
Steven: I didn't even get 15 seconds into it!
As soon as I clicked on the link the entire room began to smell like fruity lotion, eyeliner, and shame.
me: I'm telling you, if you see more than 30 seconds of that video, you mentally HAVE to go do the most manly act possible after you see it. I went and chopped lumber for winter
Steven: Hold on..I'm benchpressing a ford escort
me: that you are, my friend. Do what you must
Steven: "I'm a MAN, a MANLY MANLY MAN!"
Sent at 3:43 PM on Tuesday
me: Ok, last one... but this is one of the great moments in foss TV history
Steven: BRB
Sent at 3:45 PM on Tuesday

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