Friday, May 04, 2007

Always Read the Fine Print: Dirk Nowitzki Postage Collection (Yes, this IS real)

Framed Nowitzki Postage

Display your Mavs pride with this high quality framed Dirk Nowitzki customized postage sheet! The highly collectible 8.5. x 11. sheet honors Mavs superstar Dirk Nowitzki on real U.S. postage. The sheet is handsomely mounted with double mats, and framed with a rich Executive Leather™ frame and premium glass. The perfect display piece for your home, office, or den. Measures 15.75. x 18.5. overall.

(This postage is best used from October 31st to April 20th. During this period, a single Dirk postage will allow you to ship packages of all weights and sizes. After April 20th, depend on Dirk postage at your own risk. Dirk postage may cause packages to become less likely to show up. Minor items (postcards,letters) will have a standard success rate, but items of importance or mailings sent on a timed basis (bills, tax forms, etc.) will likely be lost or mishandled when stamped with the Dirk postage. We would like to remind you that the Dirk postage is one of the most recognized and touted postage collections in the USPS. Please do not be discouraged from using the Dirk postage. We just advise you--don't depend on it.)

$81.94 (includes free shipping)

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