Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My top 10 list of NBA players (starting with current day)

In no particular order...

1) Tim Duncan. Sure, you may not have love for the robot, but his numbers and championship success put him in insanely rare company for a power forward. Instant HOF when he retires.
2) Kobe Bryant. I hate him, but he is the dominant force of his era. Instant HOF as well. A historical scorer who will probably retire as the second best scorer ever, unless a he gets hot vs. a team worse then those raptors and breaks 100.
3) Lebron James. Magic 2.0 will get a couple of rings soon, but his court vision, stat lines, and physical gifts already put him on this list. Keep in mind he still can't rent a car without underage penalty. Now look in the mirror and curse yourself for your inadequate life.
4) Tracy Mac- My personal favorite 2 guard in the league, a do it all player who hasn't had the personnel Kobe has, and is a vastly underrated defender. If he gets a ring, 1st ballot HOF as well.
5) Dirk Nowitzki. All he needs is a ring to cement his legacy as the first killer shot do everything 7 foot German since Hasselhoff on stilts.
6) Dwyane Wade. Michael remixed makes this list by being the first real contributor out his class (screw you Darko) to win a ring.
7) Shaq- the MDE (most dominant ever) makes this list because the rings didn't start coming til 2000. The only big man arguably still greater then him? Wilt.
8) Allen Iverson. makes this list on heart alone. Could (and will) probably make the 90's list, it's just that he didn't go to the finals until this era. The best sub 6 foot player in NBA history (apologies to Isiah and Tiny). Single handedly ushered in the second crossover era. (Tim Hardaway was the first-read a book flunkie! Or at least watch one of those old NBA Stars VHS)
9) Gilbert Arenas- Hibachi is a killer. A killer. If he makes the eastern conference finals in his career, he can count on a retired jersey in DC and a call from the hall. The only player on this list who can rightfully claim to completely and utterly outplay Kobe Bryant in LA.
10) Steven Nash-The street version of John Stockton makes this list simply because he has shown the ability to raise his teammates stock just by playing with them, a la Shaquille O'neal and Michael Jordan.

Honorable mention: Kevin Garnett. As much as it breaks my heart, KG doesn't break into the list; this has nothing to do with his play, as he is the most physically gifted 3-4 the league has ever seen (leading the league in rebounding weighing in less then 250? Come on.) It's his decision making. A Superstar should be aware of when his current organization is not going anywhere, and is smart enough to bail out. He is easily the player I would pick above anyone else in the league who's loyalty to his organization and city has KILLED his career. I also would love to see him get a ring...actually, I'd love to see him make the West Finals. Just show me a flash of what could have been if Kevin Mchale wasn't in charge of your teammates. Tragic.

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