Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bad NBA referees, gatorade, and my randomness.

So in case you didn't know, I'm pretty random. My esteemed colleague and co-blogger Clifton already revealed this about himself, so I figured I should be completely honest with the reading public (all 2 of you, including the one person who accidentally clicked the blog expecting porn and left upset). (Sorry to disappoint you.) I am a huge hip hop fan, yet I will not defend some of it's incredibly crude and sexist views. I am a sneaker freak, and a fan of anything Nike....Some of this has rubbed off on my friends, as Clifton will probably tell you that he now knows way more about sneakers and their history then he ever wanted to...but at the same time he will talk to you about which ones he likes (air penny, Lebron III and IV) and what colors he would "definitely charge to his card." I'm pretty eclectic when it comes to how I feel about a lot of different issues; sometimes I agree with the general consensus, other times I go against the flow. Here comes some randomness now:
1) according to ESPN.com, NBA ref Joey Crawford has been suspended for the rest of the season and the playoffs for his on court conduct in the dallas-spurs game this past week. He tossed TD for laughing at one of his calls, and I for one applaud the league for finally showing some cojones and policing their refs.
2) Michelle Malkin is now on my most hated list of political pundits. She has been a staunch enemy of hip hop and has attacked it repeatedly, yet still tries to put on the front that she is fair and balanced. One of her statements from last weeks O'Reilly factor made me fall off the couch: "I know hip hop, I know about Queen Latifah and MC Lyte." LOL. First of all, when is the last time you heard a hip hop artist use MC in front of their name? When is the last time Queen Latifah put out a record?? Last time I heard her rapping was the intro to living single. Malkin's comments smack of the same ignorance you hear from caucasians who say "I'm not racist, I have black friends." Just because you can name two people who have rapped in the past 30 years does not mean you know or understand a genre, Ms. Malkin. Educate yourself.
I have a lot of stuff I will be putting into this blog, so I hope both of you who read the blog will stick around to see what's in our heads.


P.S. I'm not sure why gatorade made the title of this blog, but I was sipping on the new A.M flavor while typing and it probably slipped in through osmosis. It tastes fantastic by the way.

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