Friday, August 14, 2009

My stance on Mike Vick/PETA. Enough is enough.

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OK. I promised myself I wouldn't get involved with this entire Mike Vick mess, but now it's struck a nerve with me after months and months of absorbing all the media coverage and comments from Animal Lovers and Peta supporters. I'm making a stand here. Mike Vick paid back society for his crime, and I am happy that he is getting another chance to play football. There. I said it. Here is the PETA statement released after Mike Vick was signed by the Eagles:

PETA and millions of decent football fans around the world are disappointed that the Philadelphia Eagles have chosen to sign a man who hanged dogs from trees, electrocuted them with jumper cables, held them underwater until they drowned in his swimming pool, and even threw his own family dogs into the fighting pit to be torn to shreds while he laughed. What sort of message does this send to young fans who care about animals and don't want to see them be harmed?

PETA certainly hopes that Vick has learned his lesson and feels truly remorseful for his crimes—but since he's given no public indication that that's the case, only time will tell. At this point, all Eagles fans can do is cross their fingers and hope that they won't ever have to explain to their sons and daughters what a "rape rack" is and why their favorite player was using one, as Falcons fans once had to.

Interestingly enough, the statement read on ESPN is exactly like this, except for the last "rape rack" line. ESPN apparently chose not to read it on the air (?). Here is my thing, and my major issue with PETA's involvement/responses.

PETA takes the stance that a

Human life is the equivalent (or less, depending on the wacko you are talking to) then an animal life. This includes fish ( they call them sea kittens!), dogs, cats, pigs (which according to a flier here on campus, are smarter then dogs and human toddlers), flies and even ants (!). I simply do NOT agree. If it was between my girlfriend Ebony dying or her beautiful purebred yorkie (see pic below), well Felicity, you had a good run. And it would be an easy decision. I will always place Humans and their welfare on a

higher rung of my personal priorities then an animal. Sorry. I guess it goes back to even Creation, where Christians believe that humans were "given dominion over them" them being nature and animals.

My issue #2: No where in the constitution or in society is it stated or given that someone who makes a mistake of this nature cannot have a second chance. People do prison time for murder, get out, and (although difficult) find jobs. Same for manslaughter, robbery, and DUI. Are we saying as a society that DUI which ends in the KILLING of a human being (Stallworth, and others) is NOT as bad as killing and torturing animals, and running a kennel/illegal gambling ring? Both times required horrible decisions on the part of the perpetrator to be made. Both showed a lack of respect for life, one human, one animals. Both are frowned upon legally. And even with that said, as bad as both crimes are, I just don't see the correlation. From a technical standpoint, dogs have a lifetime of what, 20 years max? They bring joy and love to families as well as protection. Well what does a human do?! I like to think I will live 70 years or longer, and that I have brought joy and love to my family, as well as some protection to my girlfriend by my presence. THEY AREN'T EQUIVALENT.

I have read the comments posted on the official PETA blog, and some of them are sick too. " I hope he never has happiness?" "He doesn't deserve to LIVE?" "He is SCUM of the EARTH?" I think this takes it a little far. Though I actually would have no problem with Vick sitting down for a Psych evaluation just to see what the results were from a scientific perspective, I have reached the end of my rope when it comes to catering to these special interest groups. They are trying to hold the NFL, Mike Vick, and other fans as hostage until we get rid of Mike Vick from society, That cannot happen. They question "What will this teach our kids about animal abuse?" Well, my humble answer is that it will teach them that it is wrong on a moral and legal level, BUT if you are a world class athlete (or have any valuable job skills of any kind) after you pay your debt to society SOMEONE will want you. In other words, better yourself, and become the best at whatever it is you do. Why is it ok for Mike to suffer through JAIL, loss of of his fortune, and now have his first love (football) taken away, yet for other worse crimes, people talk about how it's rough they can't find work post-prison? I have arrived at the point that I feel PETA will NEVER be happy or pacified as to Michael Vick's presence in the NFL, and they will do everything in their power to disrupt games, practices, and fiscal developments with the NFL and the Eagles. I support the Eagles making this decision, and hope it doesn't cost them to many sponsorships who kowtow to this fringe element. Michael Vick deserves to be allowed the opportunity to find work in a field of his choice, outside of anything to do with dogs. He was approached by a business interested in his talents, and he signed. Deal with it. Boo him. But don't do anything crazy, it won't bring anymore positive press to your cause/organization. It's reputation is pretty bad as it is.


Ebony said...

Really... Felicity??

CJessup3 said...

This was a bad decision on your part. That picture you put of Vick holding a dog coupled with your pro-Vick stance on this issue is going to lead to the burning of our homes, protests outside of our jobs, and some act of terrorism on the building holding Blogger's servers for housing your shameful banter. You have irreparably damaged my life, the lives of numerous Google employees, Ebony's life, and your own. The only ones making it out of this are Felicity and Max...congrats!

But I will say...the level of outrage on Michael Vick, baseball steroid users and Barack Obama as President would be enough to end world hunger and homelessness if it were harnessed productively. People these days must be really bored with their lives to have that much time and effort to be as fearmongering and hateful as they are.

AyeBama said...

I agree, that PETA really done lost they're cotton picking minds...On the other hand, Vick is in this position because he definitely has to reap what he sows..."just as the PETA supporter who feels its okay to slash the tires of Mike Vick's ride, if this ever occurs". A lot is on his shoulders but he's a black man in America new time different struggle. We all go through a struggle, all shades of ethnicity. He seems like someone who knows how to deal with whatever life throws at you, "good trait to have". I don't know the facts of his case but I will say this, "animals do have feelings just as humans, a major difference (not the only) I see in them is they do not have the ability to connect with a higher being and being filled with the holy spirit, hit me up if your dog starts speaking in tongues and starts praising Hallelujah! I ain't saying it can't happen but seriously if it does hit me up on the celly or send me the link through "youtube" >> (256.337.9132)

-Stay Fresh God Bless!