Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I LOVE this game.

Before the League took a stance against Hip Hop music used in Promos and at the All Star Game. Yes, Kanye, what you are currently doing is not Hip Hop.

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Lionel said...

Man, this series is so paintful to watch as a Cavalier fan...It's like LeBron is on the Titanic trying to shovel out water from the sinking ship while the other 11crew members are holing their hands on top of their head screaming...Orlando just has too many ways to attack Cleveland. Look at how Orlando has won all 3 games. Game 1 it was Dwight killing Z in the post, Game 3 was defense, and Game 4 was a barrage of 3s! They've gotten contributions from everyone. Raefer Alston even went off last night man. Orlando is a good team and if they get another post player, its a rap man. That team would be unstoppable.