Monday, November 03, 2008

10 questions before Election Day....

I normally don't like posting on the same topic back to back blog entries, but considering the history we are looking at, I have a couple of questions that we probably won't know the answer to for a few years (not all of them at least).

1) Will this election be known as the election where America stood up and made a choice against fear and dirty politics or a choice for them?

2) If Obama loses, how long will it be before another minority candidate makes it this far?

3) How will our economy change over the next 6 months with a new president?

4) Will Oil continue to drop? ($2.07 this morning in College Station, TX!)

5) Will Christmas sales deals be outrageously good because of the retail sector's fear of weak sales due to the recession?

6) Will anything happen to Barack Obama? (Do your job Secret Service!)

7) How close a race is this going to be? (Incredibly close I think)

8) Can we trust these voting machines? (Its 2008 and we can't write software and build machines that can accurately keep count?!)

9) Will this vote count be controversy free? (Probably not)

and lastly,


24 hours from now we will know. Please vote, regardless of who you support.

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