Thursday, December 21, 2006

Somedays, I miss Oakwood College.....

Does anyone else find themself in a new life after Oakwood and some times, some days, wish you were back there with your peoples? I don't know, but when I have to wake up in a place foreign to me and go to class with people I don't know and do work for professors that I'm not sure really care about me, I realize just how special that school in Huntsville Alabama is. I miss Oakwood Church, Madison Mission, being overcharged for food at the snack bar, getting up to leave in the cafe and having everyone else's trash put on your tray as you go to the garbage can, miss going to Ambassador games and I miss my frat. I miss stopping in the middle of the street to talk to a friend you haven't seen in a while, miss AY, miss seeing the naive freshmen with their i.d's still around their neck, miss intramural sports, miss going to the library and forgetting to study. I miss rushing to get to Dr. Newborn's class, miss enjoying Junior and Senior Year status and privilege, miss fighting for a parking space, and miss watching people fight over foolishness. I miss feeling the love of Jesus Christ (not that I don't feel it now, it's just not the same on a secular campus) and my classmates on a daily, open basis. I miss the calmness the campus gets when 12:00 rolls around on Friday. I MISS OAKWOOD, and now realize why Alumni weekend brings so many people back to Huntsville after they have left. Just a short vent

Oakwood College C/O 2006

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